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Strong Abdominals Are Essential To Good Health


Core strength is vital to a good posture and improves your silhouette. However core strength is also vital for good health and will help you to avoid back pain. 

Here we have two simple toning exercises for the tummy (abdominals) and one stretching exercise, essential to lengthen the muscle and give you that lovely long lean dancers look.


Make sure you do them in the order suggested. We would always recommend that prior to embarking on any exercise routine you get yourself checked out by your GP.

Beginners complete 10 repetitions, moderate exercisers 20 reps and advanced exercisers 30 reps. Repeat the exercises two or even three times daily.

Abdominal curls
• Lie on the floor on your back, knees bent and feet hip width apart
• Place your hands at the sides of your head and suck your belly button in towards your backbone.
• Fix your gaze just over the top of your knees, curl your upper body up to 30*, keeping your belly button tightly sucked in.
• Lower back to the floor.


Side plank
• Lie on the floor on your side keeping your ankles and knees together with your legs straight.  Your hand closest to the floor placed under your shoulder and your other arm lying along your side.
• Push yourself up so your body is straight, balancing on the sides of your feet and extent your outter arm up to the ceiling.
• Pause for a count of 2.
• Return gently to the floor and repeat. Complete all repetitions on one side first then on the other.


When you have completed the exercises it’s time to stretch and lengthen the abdominal muscles. Repeat this cat stretch twice and you will feel the benefits of a great stretch.

Cat stretch
• Kneel on all fours, arch your back pushing your belly down, as far as it will go, towards the floor. 
• Move back to the transitional phase of a straight spine.
• Then arch your back upwards pulling your belly button in towards your spine. 
• Move back to the trainsitional phase.

Cat stretch, hold 1st and 3rd position for 20 secs moving through the 2nd position as a transitional phase.

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