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Tapering Off The Easter Excess With Ease


Overindulging in chocolate and other goodies is common practice over the Easter period, and there is little harm in doing so. However, where most people become stuck is learning to curb these habits once Easter has come and gone.





Here we share with you a few simple tips and tricks to regain control:

  • Engage with mindful eating

A simple but powerful sentiment; being mindful of everything you are eating and drinking will force you to pay attention and perhaps make healthier choices. Overdoing it is easily done if you are not consciously picking and choosing your food and drink consumption. For more information on mindful eating, click here.

  • Plan ahead

There is nothing wrong with loosening the reigns on your eating and drinking if you choose to. But it is important to set yourself a deadline for getting back on track once the celebrations and social occasions have passed. Planning ahead with your deadlines and goals will give you a focus, ensure your cupboard are stocked up with healthy food and allow you to enjoy the Easter break without a second thought.

  • Ditch any remaining goodies

If there are sweet treats and goodies still lying around, simply give to a friend or donate to a food bank. No good comes out of eating something just because you don’t want to waste it – there are plenty of other ways to get rid of said treat and actually feel positive about it! 

  • Don’t graze

This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself and eat a little more than usual. It just means that instead of helping yourself to a mouthful of whatever 15 times a day (think mindful eating), that you ensure you stick to your 3 meals per day with a couple of treats thrown in for good measure.

  • Be firm with yourself

Remember your plan and deadline and stick to it. Sticking with your deadline will ensure you stay in control, giving you a boost in self-confidence. A positive cycle that you can refer back to each time an annual cause for celebration rolls around!


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