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The 80/20 Rule: Self Discipline = Happier Person


According to recent research it was found that people who have self-control are likely to be happier and more satisfied with their lives.

The research was carried out at the University of Chicago and involved 414 adults.

Those who refrained from acting on impulse were generally more cheerful and happier in the long run.


The paper defines self-control as 'the ability to override or change one's inner responses' and lead researcher, Wilhelm Hofmann, describes it as 'among humankind's most valuable assets.'

Dr. Nick Nacarri, a psychologist who was not involved in the study, points out that the immediate gratification of giving into desires can wear off quickly and leave people unhappy.

He says a better approach would be to take time and give some thought before giving in.

'So it's not like denying yourself entirely, but being more selective about when and how and under what circumstances, because when you do that it makes the things more enjoyable,' he explained.

Which leads me nicely onto the topic of food.  When you are changing your eating habits it is never good to deny yourself the foods you really enjoy.  Food provides a huge pleasure in life.  Do not be the food police, this simply will not last.  Instead consider the 80/20 rule:  It is what you eat 80% of the time that will make the most impact therefore you can afford to have the 20% that perhaps is not so healthy.

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