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The Health Benefits Of Nut Butters


Nut butters are well known for being high in both fibre and protein. However all nut butters contain varying amount of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients and can help to boost some areas of your health more than others. So which would you benefit most from?

All values are based on 1 portion (2 tablespoons).




Almond Butter

Calories – 190 kcal

Fat – 17g

Sugar – 2g

Protein – 7g


  • 4 times more calcium than peanut butter (for improved bone health)
  • High in fibre and magnesium (keeping you fuller for longer as well as strengthening hair, bone and teeth whilst maintaining healthy function of the muscles and nerves)
  • A rich source of vitamin E (an antioxidant protecting the eyes and heart)
  • High in potassium (improves blood pressure and heart health)

Peanut Butter

Calories – 200 kcal

Fat – 16g

Sugar – 1g

Protein – 7g


  • High in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant (protection for the eyes and heart)
  • Rich in magnesium and potassium (great for bone strengthening and muscle building)
  • High levels of vitamin B6 (immune boosting properties)
  • Decreases risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic health conditions
  • High in monounsaturated fat (heart health)

Hazelnut Butter

Calories – 137 kcal

Fat – 13g

Sugar – 1.24g

Protein – 2.9g

  • A rich source of vitamin E (an antioxidant protecting the eyes and heart)
  • Contains folic acid (to produce and maintain new cells and associated with a lowered risk of cancer)
  • Biotin (improved quality of hair, nails and skin)
  • Fairly high in fat, be cautious with portion control

Walnut Butter

Calories – 205 kcal

Fat – 19g

Sugar – 1g

Protein - 5g

  • High in omega-3 fats (improving inflammation, and boosting heart and brain health)
  • Slightly lower in protein and higher in fat than alternative butters – therefore be wary of portion size

Cashew Butter

Calories – 183 kcal

Fat – 15g

Sugar – 2g

Protein – 6g


  • 4 times more iron than peanut butter (helps reduce fatigue)
  • Rich in unsaturated fats, protein and fibre (boosting heart health and increasing muscle building ability)
  • High in copper, magnesium, zinc and antioxidants (boost heart health, strengthening bones and teeth, improving red blood cell production and quicker wound healing)

Brazil Nut Butter

Calories – 151 kcal

Fat – 14.4g

Sugar – 1.6g

Protein – 2.9g 

  • Rich in selenium (immune boosting antioxidant and provides improved thyroid function)
  • High in saturated fat, so be careful of portion control
  • Rich in fibre, protein and magnesium (boosting heart health)



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