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The Healthy Employee Quarterly Report - August Survey Conducted To Discover How Healthy Eating Impacts On Employee Performance In The Workplace


The Healthy Employee Report September 2013

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Organisations need a rigorous and consistent approach to absence and wellbeing to maximise efficiency and sustainability in the workplace. In times of change and economic uncertainty, it is particularly paramount that they ensure employees are not facing unsustainable levels of strain that could increase both absenteeism and ʻpresenteeismʼ.

According to the findings of the CIPDʼs 2012 Absence Management Survey more employers this year (44%) report an increase in mental health problems and two-fifths report an increase in stress-related absence over the past year. The volume of work that employees face, as in previous years the most common cause of stress, appears to be even more of an issue this year.

Introducing healthy eating initiatives as part of a wellbeing strategy in the workplace is proving to be a helpful tool in increasing energy, focus, mood and concentration.

The Healthy Employee, a midlandsʼ based firm that provides healthy eating initiatives for business, has recently conducted a survey to discover how healthy eating has impacted on employees performance in the workplace. 72.5% reported increased energy while 25% reported improved mood, 62% reported an increase in mental alertness and agility with improvements in focus and concentration and 37% reported healthy eating enabled mental focus and clarity throughout the working day.

Anna Mason Director of The Healthy Employee says ʻEmployees can be under pressure to perform in the workplace with often increased workloads due to the economic climate. Employers have a duty to support employees by providing them with appropriate support and education to help them perform at their best and to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. The types of foods we eat determine our general health. Survive on a diet high in sugar, fat or processed foods and you will find yourself lacking in energy, focus, concentration and patience.ʼ

  • 72.5% of employees reported increased energy
  • 25% reported improved mood
  • 37% reported healthy eating increased mental focus and clarity throughout the day
  • 62% reported improvements in mental alertness and agility with improvements in focus and concentration

For more information about healthy eating solutions for business please call 0845 533 5302

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