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The Importance Of Your Nutritional Intake And How To Perfect It


It is no secret that our health and wellbeing is directly influenced by the foods we choose to eat. Clearly food is essential, but if we want our bodies to function to the best of their abilities, which foods we choose to consume are just as vital.

Food has the ability to control things such as, how we feel, how we think, our energy levels, how we look, our general outlook on life; right down to our life expectancy.


So it’s hardly a surprise when we tell you that by getting all the nutrition you need by consuming a balanced and varied diet, you will be setting yourself up for a healthy life today, tomorrow and in the future.

The effects of poor nutrition can be life altering and limiting. With poor nutrition comes and increased risk of a number of ailments:


  • An increased risk of chronic disease

Diets rich in fat, salt and processed foods put you at greater risk of many chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

  • A weakened immune system

A lack of nourishment leaves the body struggling to fight against infections, right down to the common cold.

  • Decreased mental ability

Poor nutrition leaves the brain unable to function to its full capacity, therefore leaving you with symptoms such as a lack of concentration and memory.

  • Stunted emotional and psychological growth

With the competitive lives we lead, it is important that you are able to perform to the best of your ability. A person who has poor nutrition can often miss work due to ill health, or be unable to reach your potential when present. This can often make it difficult to succeed within your work life that much more challenging.

  • Weight gain

With weight gain comes an increased risk of developing a number of health conditions, such as;

- High blood pressure
- High cholesterol
- Cardiovascular disease
- Type 2 diabetes
- Sleep apnea and asthma
- Joint and musculoskeletal issues
- Fatty liver disease

  • Decreased performance and productivity

Ability to focus, understand concepts and to undertake things with efficiency is severely decreased when you are not consuming a well rounded and balanced diet on a daily basis.


Bringing about the idea of consuming a balanced and varied diet in order to ensure you are getting the most nutritional value from your food is easy and straight forward when it is broken down into bite-sized steps. Simply follow the points below and you’ll be on the way to feeling and performing the best you possibly can.

  • Eat real food – real food is food that grows, has two legs, four legs, flies or swims
  • Avoid processed foods at all costs and replace with lean meat, fish and plenty of vegetables – add excitement to them with herbs and spices!
  • Plan ahead. This applies to your shopping list for the week and also being out and about on the road ensuring you have meals and snacks at hand throughout the day so that you won’t go hungry.
  • Never go hungry. Healthy eating needn’t be an experience full of cravings and hunger – eating healthily enables you to eat far more without gaining weight. Real food also keeps you full, without the crash in energy that inevitably leaves feeling desperate for a quick sugar fix.


Would you like to know how to eat like an expert? We have simple steps that you can use as replacements in your life, straight forward, and a guaranteed way to feel your best. Simply click here to find out.

Herbs and spices are a fantastic way to liven up a meal. Here we have 8 of the best herbs and spices that will enrich not only your meals, but also your health and wellbeing to it’s maximum potential!

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