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The Mexican Eating Out Guide


Below you will see our Mexican eating out guide. This is simply a rough guide as to which meal choices are to be avoided, savoured, or indulged in. We have concentrated on starters, mains and side dishes - this is because if you are choosing to have 2 courses, you should choose starter and main, rather than dessert. Sides can also be helpful in bulking out a main course with extra veggies and salad. 

When it comes to Mexican food, plenty of things are slathered in sour cream and cheese, but the meal option is often healthy if you simply ask for these to be removed. Whole wheat tortillas are often available and are a much healthier option that nachos, bread or potatoes. Bulk your main meal out with a large side salad and an extra tortilla if you're extra hungry! 







- Nachos

- Potato skins


- Olives

- Albondigas (meatballs)

- Gambas (butterflied prawns)

- Taquitos (tortilla with chicken/veg filling and salsa)


- Burrito


- Chicken fajitas (avoid sour cream & cheese)

- Chicken/veggie quesadillas (avoid sour cream & cheese)

- Vegetarian Chilli

- Any Large Salad


- Onion rings

- Sour cream

- Garlic bread

- French fried

- Guacamole

- Spicy rice

- Refried beans

- Side salad 

- Salsa

- Whole wheat tortilla

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