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The Reasons That Cause You To Eat Too Much


What causes you to eat too much?

Statistically we underestimate what we eat each day by 1/3. This means that we are consuming approximately 1000 more calories than we think. Each day we make complex decisions about our portion sizes through social, physical, economic and emotional factors.

We spend much of our time estimating if we can afford to have that treat we are craving and still remain within our daily quota for calorie intake. However, our understanding of the contents of many treats can be misguided.  



Which foods contain the greater number of calories? (Answers at the bottom of the page!)

1. 60g blueberry muffin

    70g pain au chocolat


2. A tomato

    A banana


3. 4 oatcakes

    36g milk chocolate bar


4. Half a 10” pepperoni pizza

    Pan-fried fish & 150g oven chips


5. 2 Lincolnshire sausages & mash

    Small portion of chips


Low-fat vs. high-protein & high-fibre

Many studies have shown that people who consume meals and snacks that advertise themselves as low-fat or low-calorie will often be reaching for their next meal or snack much sooner than those who eat a full-fat version. This is partly due to the probable high sugar content leading to an increased blood sugar level, which will crash, making you feel hungry. Many also feel that they can compensate with extra food as they have eaten something ‘healthy’.

Studies have shown that a meal high in protein and fibre increases your feeling of fullness, making you less likely to graze on unhelpful foods afterwards.


The company you keep

How often do you dine out with friends and family? We are often influenced by the company we keep; be that positive or negative. Many are put off ordering a pudding or starter if you are the only one doing so, and may even try to persuade those to join you.

This doesn’t mean that you should be avoiding social occasions and eating with friends in order to maintain a healthy weight, it just simply means that by highlighting this trigger, you can be aware of it and refocus yourself on your own portion sizes and food intake. 


Answers : 1. Blueberry muffin  2. Banana  3. The same  4. Pizza  5. Chips



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