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The Secret To Unlocking A Healthy New You This New Year..


Happy New Year!

A fresh new year is here and with it comes the opportunity to start as you mean to go on.


  • Sick of not being able to shift those pesky lbs?
  • Energy levels taking you on a rollercoaster ride?
  • Desperate to feel well, energised and happy with your body?


We have the secret as to why you might be finding these things so difficult to achieve.


It’s hardly surprising that the number one new years resolution is to lose weight, but yet the number of people able to achieve this is staggeringly small. This is usually because losing weight is done through a diet plan. However, these diet plans are not sustainable, nor do they teach you to truly understand the food you are eating, or not eating, and why.

The NHS estimates that the average person in Britain consumes about 700g, or 140 teaspoons of sugar every week - experts state that our bodies are designed to be able to handle only half of this.

Diets are faddy and short lived, with your weight inevitably creeping back on immediately, if you’ve managed to shift any of it in the first instance. What we really need to concentrate on is eradicating sugar from our lifestyles.

Nutritionist Amelia Freer explains; ‘If the amount of glucose in the bloodstream is above the body’s comfort zone of about 1½-2tsp at any one time – one regular can of Coke has 9tsp – then the hormone insulin gets produced to chauffeur the excess glucose out of the blood and store it as fat. Elevated levels of insulin circulating in our bodies can be detrimental to our long-term health. Our cells can become less responsive to the presence of insulin, meaning our bodies keep needing to produce more and more insulin to get the same reaction. Eventually the cells stop responding at all. This is type 2 diabetes.’

Dr Robert Lustig, former chairman of the obesity task force says, ‘The food industry has contaminated the food supply with added sugar to sell more products. They know when they add sugar, you buy more. And because you do not know you’re buying it, you buy even more.’

Dr Mark Hyman, chairman of the Functional Medicine Institute explains, ‘The slick combinations of sugar, fat and salt in junk and processed food have hijacked our tastebuds, brain chemistry and metabolism. These foods are biologically addictive. We are held hostage by the food industry and yet we blame ourselves for not having willpower. One animal study found that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. When rats were given the choice between cocaine and sweetened water, scientists found that most rats preferred the sweetened water.’

Our dependence on sugar has meant that our bodies and brains have got used to the regular serotonin releases – the ‘happy’ hormone. But with this high, comes a low. Once we begin to feel that low, often culminating in lethargy, low mood and hunger, we crave another sugar hit. We find ourselves trapped in a vicious cycle.

The food industry is teaching us to go for the low-fat option of everything, processing an entire meal that is low fat, tasty, and ready to stick in the oven. However, dietician Susan Burke-March warns that, ‘Just because a food is labeled ‘low fat’ or ‘fat-free’ does not make it calorie free; manufacturers add sugar to increase the texture and bulk lost by removing fat.’

What Burke-March explains hits the nail on the head. ‘Low fat’ or ‘fat free’ foods have been altered to contain less fat than nature intended – therefore making this processed food. We all need some fat in our diets, and a little sugar too! But what the food industry aiming at dieters take out, they replace with something else, often equally as detrimental to our health and wellbeing.

Eating natural and unprocessed foods are a simple an easy way to curb your sugar intake, balancing out your energy, maintaining a stable body weight and enabling you to just feel better on a daily basis.


To read more about the addiction of sugar click here.


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