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The Truth About Snacking - This May Surprise You!


We are told from childhood that we need to eat 3 square meals a day, and doing this will establish you with the energy you need and enable you to keep your weight stable. However, as we are all too aware, food often comes second and is made to fit around our busy lifestyles. This usually culminates in feeling voraciously hungry by 3pm and grazing on foods high in fat and sugar such as crisps or biscuits to get us through until dinnertime.

We all know that this is not the ideal day-to-day consumption of food when it comes to maintaining a steady weight and ensuring we are feeling our most productive. So how many snacks and meals are best to consume throughout the day?


Now, snacking as a general rule is something that is frowned upon. However, in order to maintain a steady blood sugar level and therefore a steady release of energy to avoid the bouts of fatigue and lethargy, having 2 snacks per day (along with your 3 main meals) is a must.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that snacking leads to weight loss. The University of Massachusetts Medical School also has research that shows that people who eat more than 3 times a day tend to weigh less than those who don’t.

By consuming 2 snacks throughout the day, this increases your metabolic rate – enabling your body to burn fat more efficiently. Researchers from the New England Journal of Medicine also found that those who incorporated snacks into their day had lower cholesterol and insulin levels. So not only did this enable them maintain productivity, but also aided in the prevention of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, just to name a few.

However, this does not mean that any snacking is good snacking. Our bodies are in need of certain nutrients, and function at their best when these nutrients are consumed. For example, foods such as vegetables are lean proteins are far more beneficial than ‘convenience’ snacks such as chocolate bars and packets of crisps. The consumption of these ‘convenience’ foods will only hinder your energy levels and weight loss/weight maintenance. So although it is important that we incorporate snacks into our daily intake of food, it is vital that these snacks are slow energy releasing and nutritious.

We have a vast a varied selection of snack suggestions that will load you up with the energy you need, and keep you fuller for longer.

Click on this link to discover how our many healthy snack suggestions can fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. 

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