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Three Down, 15 To Go!


So 3 ¼ lbs off in just under a week! Had a good chat with Anna, who was very motivating. She reminded me I could email or text any time if I had any queries during the week, so that's good.

The main topic of conversation this week was Glastonbury. Next week I'm going be joining 100,000 of my closest friends in a big field in Somerset and I can't wait! I LOVE Glastonbury, there really is nothing like it, it's the biggest, weirdest, happiest, most fantastical festival around and the best thing is, it looks like it might actually stay relatively dry this year!

It does pose an interesting challenge in terms of sticking to the plan though. It's an expensive place if you buy all your food from the stalls, but there is literally nowhere to keep fresh food, so bringing my own salad and veg is pretty much out after the first night. We usually take things like noodles, bread and pasta, but all three are obviously out now!

So the plan is to take plenty of tinned fish for protein, some Babybel and oatcakes for snacking, and to try and pick up the good carbs from stalls whenever I can.

The other issue, of course, is booooze. I'd normally be happily hiccupping at the bottom of a cider cup for the majority of the festival but cider is strictly out this time.

Anna gave me a fantastic pep talk that gave me a lot to think about I'd pretty much decided that although I'm going to drink far less than normal (and steer clear of the cider), I'd probably go over my 3-glasses-of-bubbles limit at some point. But too much booze will significantly slow down my fat burning for days afterwards and I'm more likely to overeat we eat 20% more with alcohol, apparently. I'm still torn, but I'd absolutely hate to put even a fraction of a pound on whilst I'm away.

There are still a few days to go though, so I've got some time to think about it.

Next chat is scheduled for July 1st. I plan to be at least 3-4lbs lighter by then.

Weight BMI Chest Waist Hips
Last week 11st 9 1/4 26.3 39" 34" 42"
This week 11st 6 25.8 39" 33" 41"
Lost 3 ¼ lbs 0.5 0 1" 1"

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