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Top 10 Foods To Keep You Regular


It often goes unspoken, but we all suffer from constipation from time to time. It’s uncomfortable, unhealthy and in most cases, unnecessary. This discomfort leaves you feeling bloated and sluggish, and unable to get your head down at work in order to reach your full potential.

So, what causes constipation?

  • Lack of fibre in your diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Not drinking enough water
  • NOTE: Specific medications or medical conditions – if this applies to you, the following foods will of course help you too, but you may also need to visit your GP for added advice


As we are concentrating on the foods that will aid in keeping you regular, we will be focussing on fibre within foods within this post. However, the final three bullet points above are not to be dismissed and should equally be taken into consideration when in comes to your lifestyle and digestive health. It is also worth noting that plenty of water when consuming fibre is essential in order for it to have the desired effect.

The daily recommended amount of fibre is at least 26 grams, but ideally 26 – 35 grams to keep your digestive system the best chance of health and full function.

A diet rich in fibre will not only help to keep you regular, but will also decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.


Eat these following 10 foods to ensure you are functioning and feeling at your very best:


1. Apples   

A medium sized apple contains roughly 17% of your daily recommended intake of fibre, such a huge percentage and so easily consumed! Apples also contain a large percentage of water, which will work alongside the fibre in keeping you regular. Tip: Be sure not to peel your apple as the majority of the fibre lies within the peel.


2. Beans   

Containing more than 10g of fibre per cup – bettering almost every other fibre source. There are several best choices, including, kidney beans, pinto beans and lima beans. Include them in your dinners and lunches, a delicious choice in stews, soups and salads.


3. Broccoli   

Loaded with health boosting properties, broccoli contains 2g of fibre per cup. When steamed or boiled, this fibre content drops slightly but is a great addition to a delicious main meal. Alternatively, if you want the full fibre hit, simply chop into bite-sized pieces and enjoy with a dip as a tasty and filling snack. So simple!


4. Brussels Sprouts   

25% of your daily recommended amount of fibre is contained within a single cup of Brussels sprouts, so adding a portion to your evening meal regularly will go a long way in improving the function of your digestive system.


5. Kiwi   

On average, each kiwi contains 2.5g of fibre, an excellent boost to your digestive system. Simply have as part of your breakfast or lunch or just as a snack – easy and convenient.


6. Lentils   

A single cup of lentils contains 63% of your daily recommended fibre intake. We feel these numbers speak for themselves! Add them to soups, main meals, or simply season and serve as a delicious side. Job done!


7. Pears   

An average pear contains 5-6g of fibre (this includes the skin!) Pears are considered to be a natural laxative, so if you are struggling with your digestive regularity, stick one of these in your bag for lunch.


8. Prunes   

We’re sure you’re not surprised to be seeing prunes on this list. They’re an old faithful when it comes to regulating your digestive system, and for good reason. Containing roughly 3.6g of fibre per serving, making up 14% of your daily intake is sure to give you that boost you are after. Excellent as a quick and handy snack, or added to your breakfast, lunch or even main meal.


9. Raspberries   

Raspberries are a real saviour - stuffed full with vital nutrients and fibre, but equally as moreish and delicious! One cup contains 32% of your recommended daily fibre intake! Enjoy at breakfast sprinkling over porridge or natural yoghurt, or perhaps add a fruity twist to your lunchtime salad? Equally, as a quick and easy snack, raspberries cover numerous health bases, keeping you active and alert until your next meal or snack.


10. Spinach   

As well as being rich in antioxidants, and vitamins, spinach is an excellent example of a fibre-loaded food. 100g of the green stuff is packed full of 8g of fibre. Wonderfully versatile, add spinach to your breakfast smoothie, pop it in your lunchtime pitta, wrap or salad, or pile it high on your plate in the evening to have with your main meal. A all-rounder of the fibre world!


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