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Top Tips To Help You Lose Weight


Follow our top tips to help you lose weight.  You have been losing weight for a while now but have reached a plateau, whether you are just embarking on weight loss or have been at it for a while these tips will help you to be successful.

Did you know?

One pound of fat contains 3,500 calories, so to lose one pound a week you need to eat 500 less calories
a day. If you ate 100 extra calories than you needed each day by the end of the year you could have gained up to 5kg or 11lb. 1 1⁄2 plain digestive biscuits contains approximately 100 calories. 

So what’s the best advice for getting rid of the extra pounds and keeping them off? It may be obvious, but to lose weight you need to make healthier choices, eat a nutritionally balanced and varied diet with appropriately sized portions, and be physically active. Here are a few ideas to get you going and help you out -

  • keep a diary and stay more aware of habits and problem areas
  • have regular meals, starting with breakfast
  • choose lower fat foods, eg lean meat and lower fat dairy products
  • fill up on vegetables and fruit at meals and choose these foods for snacks and for desserts 
  • watch your portion sizes
  • get active, aim for at least 30 minutes daily of moderate activity. If you can manage more than that even better - ideally aim to build up to 60 minutes a day
  • be realistic about weight loss; aim to lose 1-2lbs (0.5-1kg) a week

You may find our Food Checklist is helpful in helping you to make some weight friendly food choices.  To help you to achieve lifestyle changes required to lose weight and keep it off you will benefit from planning and organising your food and our food planner may be of help.  Plus you will need to make some swaps; for example fiding delicious, quick and convenient evening meals that will work for you and your family.  We have plenty of choice in our recipe section.  Feel free to dig in!

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