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Unhealthy Workforces Cost UK £58 Billion Every Year


Recent figures from Britain Healthiest Company Report 2014 states that every year, each company spends an average of 7.78% of their yearly wage bill on covering the cost of sick leave and working whilst unwell. This is the biggest study of employee health and wellbeing in the UK. These figures translate to a total cost to our economy of £58 million every year.

This report was based on the results from 25,000 employees from 82 diverse companies throughout the country.

The survey also revealed that 87% of workers have a Vitality Age older than their actual age, with the average being 4 years older, and shockingly 13% of those surveyed had a Vitality Age 9 or more years older than their actual age.

This shows a high proportion of employees have both a significantly poor lifestyle and high-risk profile. However, the study has also shown that over half of the employees surveyed believed that they were in ‘good’ or ‘very good’ health. This optimism holds the risk of those within this category being stubborn to changing bad lifestyle habits. It is well documented that these lifestyle risks, when left unaddressed can develop into a chronic disease.


Roughly 1 in 5 employees already have a chronic disease. Such as, diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.


 “The effect of our lifestyles on the economy is dramatic, and this research should serve as a wake-up call for change for employers across the country.” - Neville Koopowitz, Chief Executive of PruHealthy with Vitality

Key facts:

  • 19% of people drink too much alcohol
  • 20% of people are overweight or obese
  • 36% of people do not exercise enough
  • 52% don’t eat a healthy balanced diet


In order to improve your business’ bottom line, these health changes need to be addressed. Encouragement, knowledge and pro-activeness will enable you to move forward and improve in all areas of your company.

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