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We Are In The Coventry And Warwickshire Chamber Of Commerce Magazine Boosting Productivity For Business


We are delighted to be in the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce 'In Business' magazine for March and April.

Recently we have been boosting productivity within Coventry and Warwickshire businesses through our healthy eating programmes, Buzz Sessions (workshops), our Online Programme plus our 1-2-1 telephone coaching programmes with remarkable results. 

One business we have worked with is SCC, Europe's largest independent IT company, chaired by Sir PEter Rigby who is also Chairman of the Coventry LEP.  As part of thier Corporate Social Responsibility Programme SCC have worked with The Healthy Employee for three years having identified two areas that needed addressing; absenteeism and the post lunch energy dip. 

Tracy Westall, UK Sales Director for Public Sector and executive board member for SCC, says: 'Healthy eating education has inspired the workforce to take control of their physical wellbeing which has improved their productivityand generally made them feel good about themselves.  We have seen a new level of motivation and improved morale and our employees have really appreciated the investment we have made in them.'

Evaluation of the programme run by SCC has shown that 85% of the people taking part in the programme felt their energy levels had increased and reported better sleep.

To read more about SCC and how the programmes worked for them please click on the link - more here

Eating healthily really does boost energy for everyday life and for fitness fanatics too! - more here

If you would like to find out more information about our healthy eating programmes and how they may work for your business please call 0845 533 5302.

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