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Weight Maintenance Becomes Easier After A Year


New research suggests that if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, you need to persevere with a weight loss plan for 12 months. 

Once you have maintained a healthy, balanced diet that has lead to steady weight loss over a 12-month period, research has shown you are far less likely to regain the weight lost.

Scientists carrying out the study found that after 12 months had passed, the body may have created long-term chemical changes, making willpower far stronger and maintaining your weight loss easier.


Shorter periods of weight loss and dieting have proved to be less successful in the long term due to the body’s hunger hormones surging, which kick starts the body into stashing a greater number of calories consumed as fat. But after a 12-month period of a strict eating plan, scientists found that the body was much better at producing the hormones which reduce appetite after meals.

Dr Torekov, associate professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Copenhagen commented that it is very difficult for us to fight hunger, describing it as being like a drug. She explained that this would have been very useful for us 50 years ago, but with so much food so easily and readily available, this natural mechanism to survive becomes far less helpful and in fact influences weight gain.

The study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology found that those taking part produced 65 per cent more appetite-killing hormones and less of the hunger-inducing hormone, Ghrelin, after 12 months than they did before the study began.

This recent discovery shows that you shouldn’t give up on weight loss, as it seems that you body will adjust and adapt for it to become your norm, making weight maintenance easier. 


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