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What Is In My Food? Part 1


Food nutrition labels and packaging contain a number of statements that could be misinterpreted or simply misunderstood. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be decoding these statements so that you know exactly what you're buying and eating.

In part 1, we are focussing on the statement 'Low Fat'..





What this means:

As a rule, this means that the food product contains less than 3g of fat per 100g. However, there is one exception to that rule - with that being low fat spreads. These low fat spreads are allowed to contain up to 40g fat per 100g - that's more than full fat cream! 


Making it healthy:

Curbing your fat intake can help lower your calorific intake but this doesn't mean it should be avoided altogether. You should be aiming to get 25%-30% of your total calories from food with heart healthy fats that come from things such as: Olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocados and oily fish. 


Be aware:

Be aware that if you are buying a food product that states it is 'low fat' - this means it will be highly processed and likely to contain high amounts of sugar in order for the product to be just as tasty. It is best to avoid these products altogether and stick to real food.


The importance of your nutritional intake and how to perfect it..

We have a recent post focussing on the Mediterranean diet and the heart healthy fats that come with it. Read more about it here

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