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What Is In Your Fridge?


How many times do you open your refrigerator door each day, peering in and hoping to be inspired? It stands to reason that if you keep your refrigerator stocked with appetising foods that also happen to be good for you, you're much more likely to eat healthy meals and healthy snacks.

You may not work from home but think on…when you return home in the evening how many times do you open the fridge door and raid any goodies! 

Yes most of us are guilty of this but keep in mind that the "out of sight, out of mind" principle applies to your fridge. Many of us, for example, have colourful fruit and vegetables on hand but keep them buried in the drawers at the bottom of the fridge. You are more likely to see, eat, and enjoy healthy foods if they're in a ready-to-eat form, staring at you from the eye-level shelves in your refrigerator.


Here are six must-have healthy foods for a healthy-diet-friendly fridge:

1. Fruit Salad

Take that fruit from the hidden drawers at the bottom of the fridge and from the fruit bowl and turn it into a tasty fruit salad.  Pack it into an airtight container to prevent it from going brown.  Enjoy as part of your breakfast, a healthy snack or a healthy dessert.

Suggestions for fruit salad - Cucumber and fruit salad and Fruity Salsa

2. Crunchy Raw Vegetables

Try cucumbers, celery, mangetout, and carrots, cut into sticks or slices and store in a lidded container or covered bowl.  Enjoy these as a healthy snack on their own or dip into low fat hummus, guacamole, tomato salsa or a yogurt based dip. 

Suggestions - Guacamole and crudites, Raw vegetable crudites with pretend hummus, Feta and green chilli dip, Crudites with assorted dips - all found here

3. Ready-to-Eat Green Salad

A salad made with high-nutrient spinach or romaine lettuce, and embellished with cherry tomatoes, beans, and even nuts, is more likely to be gobbled up once it is placed on an eye-level shelf.   Looking for a healthy meal in seconds flat? This salad can quickly transform into a full meal with the addition of grilled chicken or fish.

Suggestions - Tomato, mozzarella and basil salad, Feta, cranberry and spinach salad, Quinoa, chimichurri steak salad

4. Whole-Wheat Pita Pockets and/or wraps

Switching from refined (or white) grain products to whole grains is one of the most powerful dietary changes you can make. Research has suggested that eating plenty of whole grains may lead to an assortment of health benefits, including lengthening your life span, helping with weight management and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

Keeping a pack of whole-wheat pita pockets or whole-grain wraps in the fridge can inspire quite a few quick, healthy meals or snacks. The pita or wraps can serve as a base for homemade pizzas – just add some passata or chopped canned tomatoes, sprinkle with cooked chicken, add a handful of rocket leaves plus a few olives and a grating of cheese.  Pop it all in the oven or under the grill for a few minutes to heat through.  Pittas and wraps are also great for hot or cold sandwiches.  Place a pack in the freezer too – they are always useful to pull out and defrost should the need arise.

Suggestions - BLT tortilla wraps, Chicken fajitasBeef and horseradish pitta pockets

5. Low-Fat Dairy Foods

I'll leave it to you which low-fat dairy items you want on your refrigerator shelf.  If you are a fan of yogurt then aim for a natural variety and add your own fruit (see fruit salad above).  This is a much healthier option than buying the flavoured yogurts from the supermarket because you will be benefitting from the nutrients within the real fruit.  Perhaps you would like to add low fat cottage cheese and some low fat hard cheese – just be aware of portion control and practice moderation with your cheeses. 

Low-fat dairy products have impressive levels of two nutrients many of us need: calcium and protein.

Suggestions - Berry smoothie, Celery with cheese and herbs, Fig and feta salad

6.  Eggs

Keep eggs in your fridge to have for breakfast - poached, boiled, dry-fried or scrambled.  Enjoy them for a quick, light lunch or evening meal as an omlette and bulk it out by adding either pre-cooked veggies (saved from last night's supper) or a handful of spinach leaves and red peppers.  Add herbs such as garlic and chilli for added flavour and perhaps a small grating of cheese.  Serve with a large mixed salad and enjoy as part of your balanced diet.

Suggestions - Cheese and vegetable frittata, Green bean, bacon and egg salad, Egg pita bread sandwiches

Eating a healthy diet in the workplace can inspire engagement and motivation.  If you would like to discover more please call Anna on 07778 218009 for a conversation about how we may be able to help your business or team.  

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