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Why Eating A Full English Breakfast Could Help You Lose Weight


A study suggest that eating a full English breakfast may be more beneficial for weight loss than a breakfast high in carbohydrate or fibre such as fruit or cereal.

This is because protein fills you up far more significantly, which means you will be less likely to snack throughout the morning or over indulge at lunch time.

Researcher, Dr Maki explains, ‘Eating a breakfast rich in protein significantly improves appetite control and may help to avoid overeating later in the day.’

A study was carried out over a group of 18-55 year olds. Each was given a breakfast of the same calorific content, all with equal amounts of fat and fibre, although half of the group was given 30-39g of protein, whereas the remainder of the group was simply given a glass of water. Questionnaires were given to each person to gauge their levels of hunger, fullness and desire to eat throughout the morning. Those who ate a breakfast with 30-39g of protein were all found to feel more satisfied and less hungry throughout the morning, they were also found to consume less at lunchtime than those who ate minimal protein at breakfast.

Dr Maki concluded that eating approximately 35g of protein for breakfast helped to regulate appetite and kept you fuller for longer – this is the equivalent to two sausages and a rasher of bacon.

Here at The Healthy Employee we advocate lean protein where possible. For instance, buy good quality sausages as they have a greater meat percentage, remove the fat from your bacon, avoid black pudding, baked beans, chips, fried bread etc, as this is unnessecary as they are loaded with sugar and fat that will do nothing to help your waistline or mind set. As a compromise, go for a whole meal pitta bread or wrap, these low GI carbohydrates will have a minimal effect on your blood sugar levels and energy and will leave you feeling fuller for longer, unlike the items we have advised you to avoid. 

With your meat, and low GI carbohydrates, you can bulk this out with some fresh veg such as roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, perhaps sauté some spinach too – delicious!

The importance of eating breakfast each and every day..

7 reasons why you should you eat breakfast.


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