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World Diabetes Day – November 14th 2014


Diabetes is quickly becoming a global epidemic, with a huge increase in the number of people being diagnosed.

Yet there is often limited understanding as to what destruction diabetes causes, the symptoms that can occur and the actions to take in order to get yourself out of the risk category for developing it.




Here are just a few scary facts about Diabetes:

  • The death rate in relation to diabetes is estimated to rise by over 80% within the next 10 years.
  • Diabetes can wreak havoc on the body, leading to amputation, kidney and heart failure, stroke and blindness.
  • In 1996 is was estimated that 1.4 million people were diagnosed with diabetes. Presently, an estimated 3.2 million people are diagnosed.
  • Approximately 850,000 have type 2 diabetes, but haven’t been diagnosed.
  • Type 2 diabetes can often have no symptoms.
  • An average of 6% of the UK population has diabetes.
  • Of those, only 10% have type 1 diabetes, meaning 90% can commonly control their condition simply through diet and exercise.
  • People with diabetes are twice as likely to develop heart disease over someone who doesn’t have diabetes.
  • Diabetes is linked to 22,000 deaths per year and witnesses 100 people every week lose a limb through amputation.


As you have read, these facts and figures show that diabetes is one of the biggest health problems we face in the UK. However, as was briefly touched on, above, type 2 diabetes can often be treated simply through diet and exercise.

The huge rise in those diagnosed with diabetes is down to a rapid increase in people's weight, a decrease in exercise and an all too common diet consisting of ready prepared processed food.

The aim is to keep your blood sugar levels as normal as possible. To achieve this, the advice we give is no different to those without diabetes. Eating a well rounded, healthy and balanced diet is vital: Eating real foods and ditching the processed junk.

Ensuring you are at a healthy weight is also important, so it might be worth checking where you lie on the scale by clicking here.

Also, simply embarking on 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day will do wonders for your health in all aspects - even if this is simply a brisk walk during your lunch hour.

If you have any concerns regarding diabetes, you may want to visit your GP for further information.


Click here to find out how Nikki overcame her sugar addiction. 

How much does your waist size increase your risk of developing type-2 diabetes? 

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