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World Heart Day - 29th September


Each year World Heart Day lands on 29th September. Founded in 2000 in order to raise awareness of the worlds biggest killer.

17.3 million people die each year from heart disease or stroke. Research has found that 80% of these deaths could be prevented by a change of lifestyle. That’s 13,840,000 premature deaths every 365 days. This number is expected to rise to 23 million by 2030.



These changes in lifestyle are reflective of 4 areas:


Smoking: Contact your GP for support and advice on quitting smoking.

Alcohol: Follow the governments recommended guidelines of 14 units per week for women and 21 units per week for men.

Exercise: 30 minutes x5 each week is recommended as a minimum.

Diet: A healthy and balanced diet comprises of eating only ‘real’ food. This is natural food, food that occurs naturally within nature. Consider, does it have two legs, four legs, can it swim, does it fly, does it grow? If the answer to any of these is yes, then it is real food. Also, be sure to avoid processed foods, and replace ready meals with meat and fish plus plenty of vegetables. Also be sure to eat regularly: 3 good meals plus 2 healthy snacks every day.


Heart disease and stroke are silent killers, making them all the more dangerous and important to avoid. The above 4 factors need to be addressed and acknowledged in order to keep your risk at a minimum and heart in tip top shape!

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