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Your Body Shape And Why It Matters


There are a number of studies that have found that if you are more of the ‘apple’ inclination, you are at greater risk of heart disease. By ‘apple’ we mean that you naturally carry any excess weight around your middle rather than your hips, bottom, legs or arms. Someone who carries their excess weight around their bottom is known as a ‘pear’.

The health risk comparisons drawn between these two body shapes have long been speculated. Many studies have suggested that as an ‘apple’ shape carries excess weight around their middle, that vital organs are put under greater strain – hence the greater risk of substantial health complications.

This is believed to be the case among cardio-vascular specialists and so the hip-to-waist ratio measurement has long been seen as the main method used to assess the risk of heart disease.

However, a study from Cambridge University recently published in the Lancet has shown that this may not be entirely accurate. The study contained data from more than 220,000 participants and was analysed for over 10 years and the aim was to confirm whether or not overweight ‘apple’ shaped people carried a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than overweight ‘pear’ shapes.

The study showed that an unhealthy hip-to-waist ratio score wasn’t enough to definitively state that someone was at higher risk of heart disease over someone who had a healthy hip-to-waist ratio but was carrying a large amount of excess weight on their bottom and thighs.

In order to gain an accurate evaluation of someone’s risk of heart disease, a number of measures needed to be taken into consideration. These included, blood pressure, cholesterol level and family history. What the study was able to confirm was that a reduction in excess weight, no matter where on the body, would benefit your heart health.

We understand that in order to gain a full picture of someone’s health risks, a full set of measurements need to be taken. Our Health Assessments offer just that. Questions and tests include, family history, personal history, blood pressure, smoker status, alcohol consumption level, weight, BMI, hip-to-waist ratio, body fat %, muscle mass %, visceral fat rating, blood glucose reading and cholesterol level result. These wide set of results enables us to assess and highlight any risks you may be putting yourself at, giving you the chance to change your lifestyle for the better.


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