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"Having taken part in the Healthy Employee healthy eating programme two years ago, I was able to both reach my personal goal within the 12 week course period, and even more importantly learn to maintain this in the long term, which I discovered pretty early on meant not eating less, just eating better. " Julie Wilson

Achieving Goals

With each of our programmes, you will have a food and exercise diary to fill out to keep track of your fluid and food intake aswell as your exercise routine - this enables both yourself and us to notice patterns or habits that may be unhelpful to you. 



Within this diary you will also have any goals you want to acheive throughout your programme. These goals may be physical such as losing or gaining weight, or they may be mental such as improving your energy and mood. Your diary will keep your goals at the forefront of your mind, and with regular updates will enable you to see at a glance how much you have improved and gained your desired achievements. 

Jeremy recently completed his programme with The Healthy Employee and with that improved his health and wellbeing, improving areas of his life that he aimed to do so. See the images below to view his progress (click on the images to enlarge)


Power Up & Motivate With Positive Nutrition is a workplace essential to boosting energy and performance. To find out more please call Anna on 07778 218009 for an informal conversation. 

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