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"Now I no longer eat junk food, I feel a lot more confident, I no longer insult myself, I feel happier and no longer feel as though I have let myself go, I have much more control over food, my fitness has improved, I have loads more energy and I no longer feel bloated. " Nikki Oakley

Anglian Water - Workshops




Recently we provided two workshops for Anglian Water at their head office in Peterborough. These sessions were for January and with the national average weight gain of 5lbs over the Christmas period it made sense for one of the sessions to be weight loss and the other brain food. 

Both workshops were aimed at helping the employees to be informed about their food choices and to provide them with practical information to help them eat a healthy balanced diet.

Here is what some of the attendees had to say about the workshops:

"Very good session. I found this useful and informative and I have no doubt this information will help me feel more awake and alert for longer during the day."

"Great, passionate delivery - very contagious! Thank you."

"I will pay more attention to my alcohol intake especially now that the guidelines have changed."

"I am going to add more greens to my diet and cut down on the wine with at least two consecutive alcohol free days each week."



We asked the attendees to write down anything they will do differently now they have completed the Workshop or any further comments they wish to share:

"Eat more veggies, drink more water and herbal teas, reduce my alcohol, exercise more and plan."

"I will consider the sugar that’s in my food including natural sugars to understand how much I’m eating each day and to eat a healthier more balanced diet."

"Loads of info in this session. I really enjoyed it and found it useful and informative."

"I will be taking my lunch break away from my desk."

"I will be drinking more water."


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