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"The session provided me with a good understanding around what healthy eating and weight management looks like and common misconceptions. " Office Employee, The Coventry Building Society

Boota S. Sivia - this programme has been a revelation in my life

I have talked to everybody about it. The programme is so simple you can see and feel the results, why wouldn’t you want to do it.



There were three clear objectives I had before beginning the programme;

  • 1 to lose weight
  • 2 increase my running times and reduce injuries
  • 3 change my eating habits.


I have lost close to 2 stones, my initial weight was just over 83 kilos at Christmas 2011 and has now plateaued at 71.6 kilos and the good thing is I have kept it off. 

The first food diary I have is dated 11th December 2011 which is the best part of two and a half years ago now. I consciously made a decision to do this 12 week programme over the Christmas period because what happens in January is the New Year resolutions fall flat and you are back to square one. I wanted to begin and continue healthy eating as part of my lifestyle.



Before embarking on this programme I read a lot about people dieting and then regaining their weight and sometimes perhaps gaining even more. For me I felt I was not running as quickly as I wanted to and I was still putting on weight and I wanted to address this.

After the 12 week programme ended I carried on losing weight and then my weight plateaued to where I feel comfortable and where I am able to maintain it with ease. People who had not seen me for a while were shocked and amazed at the transformation. Eating a healthy diet has other benefits too. I no longer get the afternoon slumps where I used to get the chocolate munchies. Instead I have a healthy snack and feel alert and able to cope easily with the afternoon tasks whereas I used to leave the easier tasks to later in the day. Now I can tackle the more difficult tasks at any time of the day.



I am a very amateur but enthusiastic runner, I didn’t think I weighed that much but I was constantly getting injuries. I bought new trainers and looked at my running style but sadly whatever I did made very little difference until I changed the foods I was eating.

Recently I broke sub 55 minutes for my 10k run. I was averaging 60 minutes a race and I have smashed that. I find I am overcoming injuries quickly and no longer suffer from colds and flu. If I do get a cold I tend to overcome it very quickly.


Change My Eating Habits

I suffered from stomach problems and this programme resolved the issue in three days. Previously I had visited my doctor and taken advice but this had not worked. Making simple changes to my diet has made all the difference.

This programme has provided me with an education about food. I have cut down on tea and caffeine and feel this is one reason I don’t suffer from colds and flu. The only disadvantage is I have bought a whole new wardrobe! I have gone from a large to a medium, from 36/38 to 32/34. Losing weight was gradual and safe. At no point have I ever felt hungry and the thought of not having salad with my food horrifies me now. The taste of salad is good. 

My kids are interested in eating healthy food. I still receive the weekly digest of healthy eating blog posts and was interested to read a piece recently about colourful, rainbow foods; aimed at making veggies interesting for children. I decided to use this information to interest my daughter, who is fond of her bland food, in vegetables and it worked. I am very keen for my children to eat a healthy balanced diet and provide a healthy eating education for them as well as myself and my wife. Having talked through colourful food and made it a game my daughter is now eating colourful vegetables and mackerel! Her food no longer looks boring. My children’s school always provides fresh food that is cooked on site.  In the evening when we sit around the dinner table they tell me about all the healthy foods they ate at lunchtime.

Being Asian there is a lot of freshly made Asian food that is high in fat and high in sugar. I have made changes to this and still find my food very enjoyable. For work I attend many events and I am now able to make healthier choices of the buffet food that is often provided.  

I have changed my cornflakes for a healthier breakfast, I snack on fruit, I no longer eat a white bread sandwich with fruit yoghurt and juice drink at lunchtime and I have given up a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps to get me passed the afternoon slump.  

Eating a healthy diet is now part of my lifestyle and part of my family’s life style.

Eating healthy food has saved us money because real food is cheaper.


Weight Management At Its Best

We have a fish and chip take-away on a Friday night because it is the end of the week, everyone is tired and also because we all enjoy it. I have worked out that we eat 3 meals a day 7 days a week, that’s 21 meals and having just one meal that is not too healthy is absolutely fine.   

However, constantly eating fast food is never as good as eating real food. We recently had a family get-together at my mums’ house. I suggested we get a take-away to make it easy but my mum insisted on cooking. It was really interesting; my mum is a good cook and cooked a great meal, you could hear a pin drop around the table because everyone had their heads down, really enjoying the food. It’s never quite as enjoyable if it is a take-away, home cooked food definitely tastes better. 

Educating myself about food has opened up a whole new avenue when it comes to enjoying food and understanding when you have a big bowl of salad you can eat as much as you want. I never get hungry because it fills me up and I’ve got loads of energy.

This programme has worked really well for me. It helps to be organised, which I am, and soon becomes a go-to lifestyle. 

I remember when we were kids, we had pomegranates and had so much fun digging out the seeds.  Food can be fun as well as taste good. I am all for the kids being fit and healthy and often use the example of a petrol car being fuelled up with diesel. Well, it wouldn’t get very far! It is exactly the same for my family, we need to fuel up on the healthy fuel to help us lead healthy, energised and full lives. 

This programme has been a revelation in my life. 


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