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Employee Nutrition Services

The Foundation of Health & Wellbeing 


Inspiring Knowledge & Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

  • Our employee nutrition services inspire sustainable lifestyle change through evidence based, dietitian approved findings and research to boost morale, increase performance and improve health and wellbeing for everyone in the workplace.
  • Our speaker and programme leaders are fully qualified in their fields.
  • Knowledge is power - we aim to equip employees with the knowledge to boost physical and mental energy, improve concentration and focus, have a better quality of sleep, sharpen the mind, improve mood, lessen joint and back pain and to become a healthy body weight.
  • We implement sustainable changes for now and in the future to achieve lasting health improvements through sound, practical knowledge.




Call us today on 07778 218009 and receive:

  • Top tips and tricks to grow your workplace health and wellbeing culture
  • Colour posters and leaflet with simple healthy eating messages
  • Complimentary brochure


Our Positive Nutrition Series Initiatives

  • Online Programmes

    The Healthy Employee Online Programmes are powerful and effective.
 We inspire with tutorials, fact sheets, menu planners & progress graphs. More
  • Workshops

    The Healthy Employee Workshops are powerful and motivating.
 We inspire with hard hitting facts & solutions to modern day challenges. More
  • Wellbeing Days

    The Healthy Employee Health and Wellbeing Days will provide your employees with practical information to help them improve their productivity, health and wellness.   More
  • 1-2-1 Programmes

    The Healthy Employee 1-2-1 Programmes play a positive role including education, engagement, enablement and motivation to help your key employees perform at optimal level to be the best they can be. More
  • Nutrition Days

    The Healthy Employee Nutrition Days play a positive role in enabling lifestyle enhancement through effective, quick and easy dietary changes.  More
  • Health Assessments

    The Healthy Employee Health Assessments provides your employees with practical information to help improve their productivity, health and wellness by adopting healthier strategies. More
  • Toolbox Talks

    The Healthy Employee Toolbox Talks are engaging, informative 4-minute videos designed to inspire healthy and positive dietary changes for both sexes, across all sectors. More
  • Bitesize

    The Healthy Employee Bitesize booklet will provide your employees with easy and convenient recipes to enable them to make healthy meal and drink choices week after week. More
  • Weight Management Clinic

    The Healthy Employee Weight Management Clinic will enable both female and male employees to lose weight sustainably whilst leanring about specific lifestyle issues on a weekly basis.  More
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