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"In 12 weeks I have lost 5kgs, dropped to 14% body fat, my sleep has improved and I have more energy in the afternoon. " Tony Brooks

Claire Musgrave - I feel so much healthier after 3 months of eating a healthy diet.

I am a mother of two young children aged 17 months and 4 years old and I work part time at Volvo Group UK. My children bring home all sorts of coughs, colds and bugs and I find I catch everything they bring into the house. I was fed up with feeling ill and fed up with having time off work and I wanted to become healthier, feel better and have more energy. 

When this programme was first talked about at work I was keen to find out more. I was aware that my immune system was low and I wanted to get healthier, lose weight and broaden the range of foods I was eating. My foods were very restricted I would eat bread and a lot of junk food but none of the good stuff; no vegetables, salad or fruit. I knew I needed to make changes to get healthier, avoid being ill and feel better.

I haven’t had a bug or a cough or cold since I began this programme in June. 


The below table is the ratings Claire has given certain areas of her lifestyle, pre and post programme. 1 represents the worst, and 10 the absolute best. Claire found the programme to be good and very easy to follow.

Having reached the end of my 12 week programme the foods I eat now are completely different. My diet has improved enormously and I am open to trying new foods (new to me). I now eat foods such as cauliflower, broccoli and melon along with other fruits and vegetables. I no longer eat bread and feel much better for it. Bread used to make me feel bloated, lethargic and sluggish, that problem has gone now. 

I feel so much healthier after 3 months of eating a healthy diet.

I haven’t had a bug or a cough or cold since I began this programme in June. With the exception of when I returned from holiday and I had not been following my healthy eating. However, I did not lose time at work and made a swift recovery. Healthy eating has certainly worked to boost my immune system. Slowly but surely healthy eating is becoming part of my lifestyle. I am now cooking meals from scratch and adding vegetables and really thinking outside the box and creating meals I enjoy and that are good for me. My confidence has grown with food, I try new things, I enjoy a much wider range of foods and I am not scared of putting new dishes together. I have realised that you cannot just dislike a food you have never tried. I now try new foods regularly and I have surprised myself by how many foods I like.

I would recommend the programme to others because I personally have felt the health benefits and I think others would too. This has had a really positive impact at work because I am no longer getting ill and not losing any time by being off sick. 


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