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"By focusing on the quality of the food I eat and avoiding highly processed products plus being aware of the amount of sugar consumed. I don’t feel so full and bloated as I used to and I have used some of the recipes provide. I have more energy and feel more alert.  " Peter Jones, IT Technician at CIPP

Emma Brown - I wanted to make some lifestyle changes.


Works for; Specialist Computer Centre
Bid Manager
Customer Engagement Team 


I had gotten to the point where weight had crept on and I was starting to feel uncomfortable about it. I had been thinking for a while that I should do something about it. My eating habits had been unhealthy and I wanted to get healthier and lose weight.   

Having made loads of changes that were really easy..

I saw the programme advertised around the business and I spoke with a colleague who had completed it. She said it was really good and it seemed to me like a really sensible way of eating, rather than counting calories or points, and something I would be able to stick to. I didn’t want this to be a quick fix and then gain any weight lost once I had finished the plan. I wanted to make some lifestyle changes.

At the end of the 12 weeks I had Lost 1st 6lbs which I was really pleased with. I reduced the amount of alcohol I was drinking which made me feel much more energetic. My quality of sleep is now much better. My skin was looking a bit dull and has become brighter and a few people have said that I look really well. 

The below table is the ratings Emma has given certain areas of her lifestyle, pre and post programme. 1 represents the worst, and 10 the absolute best. 


Now I know what healthy foods look like. Previously I was eating a white bread sandwich at lunchtime plus a packet of crisps and a diet coke followed by a cereal bar. 

Having made loads of changes that were really easy, I now eat a salad at lunchtime with chicken, tuna or prawns and I drink water and herbal teas. I now have constant energy without any slumps at all so I can concentrate from the beginning of the day until I go home. 

Earlier this week I had a long day beginning at 6.00am and ending at 9.15pm when I finally made it home - I realised how alert I felt even though it had been a very long day. 

I am continuing to eat healthily and now have a further weight loss goal. I want to continue with this and get myself into the healthy BMI and hip to waist ratio range and I will be making healthy eating part of my day to day lifestyle for the future because I feel really well.


The only thing Linda would change about her programme is that she wished she'd done it sooner! 

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