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"Learning how to tweek my eating to cut out sugar and not feel so tired and eat properly without feeling guilty - these were big things for me. I found the programme easy to follow, I just had to make some adjustments. There was plenty of information available and if I was uncertain I just sent an email which was answered very quickly and to my satisfaction.  I had the 8 week 1-2-1 programme and found the regular telephone conversation really useful as they made me accountable - in a good way. I found the programme was flexible and this suited me as I lead a busy business lifestyle. " Elisabeth

Executive Performance In The Press

We are delighted to announce that we have another piece published in the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce In Business Magazine. This time all about key executive performance improved through eating a healthy diet.

Business is tough at the best of times with key executives being essential to maintaining the status quo and pivotal to driving the business forwards. 

Encouraging your executive team to fuel up correctly, to provide them with both mental and physical energy to look after their own health and the health of the business is key to the long and short term wellbeing of the business. For example if you put diesel into a petrol driven car it wouldn’t get far and yet we humans fuel up on high sugar, high fat meals and snacks and expect peak performance and are surprised when our engines break down.

An experienced senior executive working for a high profile major insurance company addressed his health and wellbeing by embarking on a healthy eating programme. His goal was to eat more vegetables, reduce fat and sugar, improve sleep, lose weight and enhance his energy. During his six week programme he ditched the unhealthy processed meals and snacks and replaced them with foods high in vitamins, minerals, mono-unsaturated fat and lean protein. Significant weight loss followed, improving his BMI and reducing his risk of disease.

The health of the executive team is essential in the smooth running of the business. A recent study shows that we would all be better off by consuming seven portions of fruit and veg on a daily basis rather than the government recommendation of five a day.  According to the study, eating seven a day considerably reduces the risk of death through disease. The government though have taken the stance that people find it difficult to eat five a day! These findings are significant and through education it is possible to improve diet and therefore health, energy and mood. All of which are of direct benefit to your executive and the business itself. 


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