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"Anna Mason was amazing. She took time to explain the science behind why we feel the way we do when we eat certain things which has really stayed with me and helps me make better choices. If someone is new to healthy eating, she would provide them with some really helpful tips to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. " Head Office Employee, The Coventry Building Society

Four Months To Get Healthy

Jonathan took part in our Wellbeing Days in both February and June of this year. Within that time he has lost over 5kg, gained a healthy BMI, lost body fat and visceral fat and gained muscle mass. 




Here, he explains his progress in his own words - 

"To put all this in context, 2-3 years ago I was the weight and I am now (74kg). Since then I moved up to Bison from London and had our first child. He is now two, but up to February I had a very busy home and work life and let my diet and exercise slip. Last month I returned to working in London.

Following your advice in February I had a change in my lifestyle. I cut out sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks and fruit juice entirely. I also began 15-20 minutes exercise 3-4 times per week using my bike machine. I did allow myself the odd treat on special occasions, but was also strong willed to keep all unnecessary sugar out of the diet. The weight dropped off really quickly and I was genuinely surprised. Within 2 months I was down to around 73kg and had to buy new clothes! I have managed to maintain that weight so far, but I do need to keep it up!

Thanks for your help. It was a timely prompt!"

Our Employee Nutrition Services are a workplace essential for boosting energy and performance. To find out more please call Anna on 07778 218009 for an informal conversation. 

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