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"I have realised that people just make excuses not to get healthier and I would say to anyone just do it and then tell me how hard it was! Because it genuinely is not hard, we just like to throw obstacles in our own way.  " Natalie Wilford

Isabella Shelybani-Johnson - 12 weeks on and I have dropped two dress sizes and my self-confidence has grown


Isabella lacked self-confidence and felt unhappy because she was overweight. With a few tweaks and some habitual changes she is now feeling much more self-confident and more like her old self. 


I wanted to do the 1-2-1 telephone coaching programme after talking to people in the office. A number of my colleagues had lost weight successfully and this programme struck a chord with me.

I mainly wanted to lose weight, get fit and healthy and get better eating habits. I felt unhappy, less self-confidence than I used to and felt I had a long way to go to be fit and healthy.

Now 12 weeks on, I have dropped two dress sizes and my self-confidence has grown. I can wear different clothes and it’s the summer and I feel more comfortable showing my arms. I feel more comfortable in my work clothes too and can now fit into things that I haven’t been in for a while.  It’s a good feeling. I feel more confident dealing with people at work and I think this is because I feel better about myself. I am a bubbly person by nature anyway but now there’s no stopping me. 

12 weeks on and I have dropped two dress sizes and my self-confidence has grown

I have amazed myself and found new foods that I like. I never thought that would be possible but once I started eating them I really enjoyed them.  I now eat salad, fruit and vegetables everyday which never used to happen. The different flavours make the foods enjoyable. I never liked fish but I eat salmon and really enjoy it and I have begun to use herbs, spices and peppers and different ingredients. 

I almost sabotaged myself when I attended four weddings in one week but managed to get back on track

In the first few weeks I found the programme very easy then I had a week of four, yes four weddings.  This threw me off course and I found it hard to get back on track but I kept at it, I was determined, and in the end it paid off. 

The programme was easy but making habitual eating changes was harder. The great thing is that this was a 12 week programme so the changes began to stick with me. I think when I lost my first 7lbs this helped me stay on track and keep going.

Now I have more energy at work, I feel lighter and bubblier and I intend to keep the good habits going.


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