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"Our champions have, through this element of the programme, started on their own personal journey towards healthier food and drink thanks to Anna and The Healthy Employee. " Anon, Wellbeing4Performance

Judith Magee - We will be keeping the new habits going because we have all felt better for it.




'Recently my cholesterol checked in at 6, I am keen to reduce this without medication and keeping an eye on my diet will make a big difference. Not only that but my clothes were getting tighter and I wanted to lose a few pounds and be sure that I am doing my best to look after my overall health. 

A light-bulb moment was the discovery and understanding that you don’t have to not eat to lose weight.  

The six week programme worked really well. I looked at food we were eating as a family and I became conscious of not wanting to eat processed foods with added sugars and added fats. I have a family of four large, still growing boys, plus my husband and the programme worked great. They didn’t notice any change really except for the biscuits which I replaced with pieces fruit and fruit salad in the fridge and yoghurt ready to be used as a snack. Before I began the programme they would have eaten tins of ambrosia! I looked at the sugar content on the tin and I couldn’t believe it! The boys are into sport and growing like mad and I realised how important it is to give them plenty of protein to build their muscles and not lots of bread which is giving them very little goodness. The programme has been a re-education about food.

I have now come to the end of my programme and I feel great, I want to keep it going. I have lost weight and still have a few more pounds to go and I feel sure this will continue as a by-product of my healthy eating. 

A light-bulb moment was the discovery and understanding that you don’t have to not eat to lose weight.  I liked the idea of eating ‘ham and eggs’ and plenty of food. I haven’t felt hungry once.  

The programme was good, I looked at what I was eating and have made some significant changes and also I have included more exercise into my week. This makes me feel more energised too.

The knock on effect on the family? The boys haven’t really noticed any difference and are quite happy to eat more healthily, my husband has noticed what I am eating and he is eating the same and has lost about 7lbs. 

We will be keeping the new habits going because we have all felt better for it.'


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