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"12 weeks on and I have dropped two dress sizes and my self-confidence has grown. I feel more confident dealing with people at work and I think this is because I feel better about myself. I am a bubbly person by nature anyway but now there’s no stopping me. " Isabella Shelybani-Johnson

Julia Maskell - The best eating plan I’ve ever done.






I had been promising myself I would lose some weight for some time and because the programme was being paid for by work I knew I would have to get on and do it, there would be no excuses not to see my weight loss through until the end. At that time I was just focussing on weight loss and I had no idea that changing my foods and eating differently would make such a big difference to my energy and particularly my need for a nap during some afternoons. I’ve changed my breakfast I can eat more.

My programme was for six weeks and involved regular telephone conversations with my coach. I found these coaching conversations extremely useful. The simple explanations about foods, understanding what we would have eaten hundreds of years ago, a time when most people did not have excess weight, all helped to make the process simple and easy. Understanding that I can eat more fat just so long as it is the right fat was helpful and understanding which foods are good carbs and which to avoid is part of the education that has helped me to make this my lifestyle way of eating. 

The best eating plan I’ve ever done..

It is true; this is the best eating plan I have ever done. I now understand the foods to eat, what will help me lose, maintain and gain weight and I understand how this all works. 

I used to have a bacon roll for breakfast now I’ve changed my breakfast I can eat more. I now have my cravings under control and I very rarely feel hungry for a meal. 

I had not banked on the change of energy. That has been a welcome bonus. 

The afternoon slump would hit me after lunch. In the past I have actually pulled up at a service station, set the alarm on my phone, opened the window and had a nap. I am pleased to say that no longer happens and I feel much more energised in the afternoon.

I began the programme wanting to lose weight, which I have achieved. However, I had not banked on the change of energy. That has been a welcome bonus. 

The programme is very easy to follow with sufficient information at the beginning to help you make a start and get going. As the weeks go by one’s understanding of foods grows and very quickly you learn how to make healthy snack and main meal choices. 


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