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"In the session you managed to engage all the audience, because you had a no-nonsense pragmatic and practical approach, which meant that you were not viewed as an obsessive health fanatic, but as a practitioner who can make sense of the mythology and hype, which makes it confusing for most to know how to eat healthily. " Richard Thompson, St. James Place Wealth Management

Mathew Thackray - I honestly feel absolutely amazing.





Mathew Thackray - Construction Worker - Case Study

When I began this programme my aims were to lose weight, increase my energy and feel better about myself. 

At the start of my programme Anna asked me to rate my energy and afternoon slump on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being very low energy and 10 optimum energy. 

I scored my energy at a 3, it is now an 8 and my afternoon slump at a 1 and that is now an 8 too. 

I honestly feel absolutely amazing. I used to feel like I could nod off after lunch, that’s not the safest when operating and driving machinery. Making changes to my eating habits has helped me with driving up and down the motorway too.  At the moment my machine is at the top of a long and quite steep hill and after lunch now I am sprinting up the hill to it. 

When I was working in Southampton Anna encouraged me to use the gym and I realised exercise also made me feel good, think more clearly and helped to keep my mood level.

Now I have moved location and I have continued to go for a run and I am about to begin using the gym at the back of the cottage. I intend to continue with the lifestyle changes I have made to my diet and my exercise routine.

I have lost a total of 29lbs, that’s a further 6lbs since I have finished the programme. 

Recently I have been to Burton’s and bought myself a fitted shirt for the first time in ages and this has helped me to feel good about myself and grow in confidence. 

I feel I have made some significant lifestyle changes, finding a balance and moderation in everything has helped me to lose weight and feel much better. 

It is also really important to say that with Anna’s help and guidance I have made a big difference to family food and this has made a big impact. My kids are so excited to be involved in selecting and preparing foods, they love their meals and (healthy) desserts. This is something we are able to do together and I am able to educate them and we have fun at the same time. 

I feel great, I am really pleased I have had the opportunity to take part in this programme which has made a positive difference to me and my family, my energy and my self-confidence. 


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