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"For me this has worked better than Slimmer’s World or Weight Watchers because I don’t believe I would have been given all the information I needed to help me make informed food choices. " Siobhan Hall

SCC - Team Buzz Session

Recently we provided our How To Avoid The Afternoon Slump 45 minute Buzz Session for a small team at Specialist Computer Centre. 

The team is lead by Hayley Kooner and here is what Hayley had to say about the Buzz Session and the affect on her team.


"Apologies for the delay in responding to this, as you know its been pretty hectic in AV world these last couple of weeks.

Anyway, the team were a little apprehensive of the session in the days leading up to it, I think they thought someone was going to come in and dictate to them what to eat and give them plans to follow! However this was not the case at all, the session was relaxed and informative with a friendly and personal approach, we were a small group and so were able to raise points personal to us all.

The suggestions are achievable and suit a modern lifestyle. Outcome of the session is that the team have asked the vendors to bring in fruit rather than cakes and even requested salads on Wednesday from a vendor supplying lunch, in the past this would have been pizza or Subway rolls. The tea/coffee round has been reduced too.

I’ve noticed the guys have been bringing in fruit and nuts to snack on rather than popping to Refresh for crisps and chocolate, it has helped with us all making some small changes as we’ve been able to support each other, although we did have a treat day last Friday with some chocolate.

From a management point of view I have noticed they are not as tired in the afternoon and certainly more alert when not having the sugary snacks.  We are struggling with taking regular breaks and something we need to work on as a team.

Me personally I’m still in shock as to how much fruit and veg is one portion, I’ve increased my intake and feel like I have much more energy and lost some weight too by altering my meal proportions (protein, carbs, veg ratio)."

Hayley Kooner | Visual Communications, VCOM


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