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"Considerable research has been undertaken which demonstrates a positive correlation between healthy living and productive working. The CIPP is expanding into new areas and it is important that our human resources are both trained and healthy. I offered all staff the opportunity to engage in a healthy living programme.. " Lindsay Melvin, CEO at The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals

Skanska Wellbeing Days Feedback on Location


We recently provided numerous Wellbeing Days for Skanska Facilities Services. Below is the feedback we received broken down into the locations we attended.



“Today’s Healthy Employee day as part of the Living Our Values programme was outstanding with a level of engagement not experienced previously at Derby! We had a steady stream of participants throughout day – I even managed to convince members of the Projects Company to get involved! The whole team have been talking about the session so it has definitely made a positive impact. Anna’s delivery was fantastic and we have discussed looking in to a weight loss competition in the future to keep the interest going! Thank you to all involved.” – David Gibbs, Royal Derby Hospital


“Thank you very much for the session today. Our whole workforce is talking about it they thoroughly enjoyed it, as did I.” - Mandy Coxon, Office Manager


“Thank you for today, the information you gave me was very interesting, I think I really need to rethink what I eat and drink!” - Tracy Potter, Project Support Officer


“Thank you for this information this morning about health. It was very informative about portion size, I think quite a lot of staff were shocked with the results that they were given.” - Tony Roome


“Further to our conversation today I found chatting to you very helpful. After weighing out the cereal I normally have and seeing what that actually equated to with regards to sugar and fat that I was consuming every morning was terrible! I am now going to try your suggestions of perhaps eating a piece of fruit, apples, nuts when I get up and perhaps have my porridge later and eat my lunch later, changing my routine and what I eat I am sure will make an improvement! I believe having this discussion like I did with yourself and others on our sites will perhaps open people’s mind to eating better will make a big difference.” - Ruth Piggott, Skanska Facilities Services


“I found yesterday’s forum interesting and informative and did not feel I was being preached at. You managed to raise my curiosity and when I asked questions you gave me the answers/information. In fact I took the leaflets home with me last night and had a good read. This easy approach and the information supplied has convinced me I need to make changes to my current lifestyle. From this day forward I will be changing my diet and taking more exercise. I already knew I needed to lose a little weight, but yesterday has given me the stimulus. I’ve come into work this morning and my work colleagues are still talking about it. In fact, as I write this I can overhear a conversation about what they had to eat last night. You will be glad to know they all had healthy options! Well done.

– Paul Addison, Estates Manager




“Thanks for coming to Woking yesterday. It went down really well, not only with our own staff but also with our clients staff. Your knowledge, expertise and advice was excellent and I hope was taken on board. Despite some resistance from Woking Borough Council employees! In terms of where we see the most need of advice around nutrition, particularly for our own staff, is the impact of lifestyle, stress and fatigue on our diet and therefore health.” - Matt BakerSenior Operations ManagerSkanska Facilities Services




“Thank you very much for your presentation and follow-up discussions yesterday, I found it very informative and relevant. My colleagues also commented on both your exceptionally well delivered presentation (it’s not easy to successfully engage the broad range you were confronted with yesterday – both background and attitudes!) and on the one to one sessions you provided afterwards which has given some of us a gentle wake-up call and others, reassurance that they are getting things about right, in all cases your knowledgeable advice was thoughtfully and tactfully provided.” Mike Morrewski 


“Thank you very much for your time last Friday in support of our Living Our Values week. Your presentation was insightful, engaging and depressing in equal measure on a personal health level as my eating and health habits leave much to be desired! It's true when they say the truth hurts sometimes!

Your availability after your presentation by spending ample time with the Skanska team was much appreciated and well received as I spotted you in several lengthy conversations with some of my team including our Client's MD, Paul Francis. This level of engagement is great and every small change we can all make to our diets and wellbeing is a step closer to a healthier, happier person and thus a healthier and more productive employee! I look forward to seeing you again next year.” – Barney


“The week went very well with good attendance and participation from all on siteAll deliveries

 were well presented very professionally and had impact and vigour. All in all a very successful week."

  • Presentation was well presented with impact slides giving good relevant information on health and wellbeing
  • Timings in presentation were well thought through, slides often asked questions & prompted delegates to interact with presenter
  • Answers to questions were informative and again opened the floor to further debate / discussion
  • Handouts were all relevant, informative and easy to digest
  • Opportunity at the end of the presentation to have weight, BMI and visceral fat measured again informative thought provoking. (As a result I’m off the pukka pies).

Michael Smythe, Skanska Facilities




“For me personally I found your visit extremely interesting and informative. The visual props you had made a big impact. I've also taken your advice and instead of missing lunch I have two smaller healthy snacks between breakfast and dinner.” - Craig Shaw




“Thank you for your time today, I found the information and weigh in very useful. If at all possible it would be very useful for you to return to retest and see if we have improved our stats! Once again, thank you for your time today.” - Andy Bukiel, Project Manager




“Feedback regarding your session was very positive. I know you saw quite a number of staff throughout the day and they certainly kept you busy and entertained! Everyone I have spoken to felt they benefitted from your assessment of them and made them take stock of where they were going wrong – a whole bowl of cereal does not equate to one portion – I believe this myth was shared by many. They all came away feeling positive and were willing to adapt to new ways in order to improve their personal well being – one chap I spoke to said he felt so guilty he immediately went and bought an apple and brown bread sandwich for lunch – something he has never done before – usually white bread, chips, crisps and chocolate! Your ‘numbers’ as you refer to them below became the talking point in the office for a couple of days – some happy, some not so happy. Everyone was openly sharing their ‘numbers’ and discussing ways to improve them, and this was all down to your session. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our site, for us, it was definitely worthwhile.” Penny McChordProject Administration & Performance Manager


“Thank you to the Healthy Employee for visiting Walsall Manor Hospital yesterday. The staff really enjoyed the session and I think most of us were shocked by our measurements! It really got everyone thinking more about their health and Anna offered some excellent advice and tips to get us started. It would be great to have a repeat visit in the future and see if any of us have made changes. Thank you again, it was really worthwhile!” - Sarah




“I thought the day went very well. We have had some great feedback from both Skanska and KCC staff that found it extremely informative and are certainly more aware of what’s in the food we eat and importance of a balanced diet. I have no doubt this will have a positive effect on people’s health including my own. I have already substituted crisps for nuts and am working on reducing wine intake but one step at a time…” Mark Young, Kent County Council




“Thank you again for today, on behalf of everyone who had the opportunity to attend thank you for your energy and enthusiasm. Engagement of our contract was difficult due to the mobile nature but the Office staff all found it beneficial and has had them thinking differently all day, conversation about exercise is at an all-time high.” - Chrissie Hinken, SHEQ Advisor


“Some points I took away was the idea for assisting our mobile engineers to help maintain themselves quarterly tool box sessions and cool boxes supplied to the rear of their vans, as this would encourage them to take regular breaks and ensure they have a clean environment to store they lunch and fluids. Myself taken away, I believe an annual follow up session would be nice. Maybe an app for health and wellbeing developed. I was also surprised with my results and will adjust my lifestyle." – Chris Stokes, Skanska Facilities Services




“The wellbeing day was well received and staff found this useful and informative. We would be interested in making this a regular event at our offices should this continue.” - Kerry Gray, Office Manager

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