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"This has been a real education with the application of healthy eating knowledge into a day to day basis, a real eye-opener. I now understand why I was unable to lose weight and how it is now possible. " Richard Hayes

The Healthy Employee Helps SCC Gain Added Productivity and Achieve Landmark Year


SCC is Europe’s largest independent IT solutions provider and the technology brand of Rigby Group PLC, the UK’s 13th largest privately owned business.

The Challenge

Headquartered in Birmingham, SCC has 2,000 UK-based employees at locations spanning eight major cities in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

According to the CIPD╩╝s 2012 Absence Management Survey, 44% of employers reported an increase in mental health problems, and two-fifths reported an annual increase in stress-related absences.

With so many employees distributed across the entire country, SCC wanted to ensure appropriate support is provided and that focus, attitude and concentration were optimised throughout the working day.


The Solution

SCC engaged with the Healthy Employee in 2011 as part of its ‘Building a Better Workplace’ policy, focussing on the health and wellbeing of staff, particularly around diet and nutritional awareness.

The Healthy Employee helped SCC employees understand the subject of healthy diet and exercise as a means of increasing energy and productivity within the workplace.

Following the success of the initial 12-week programme in 2011, SCC funded six further programmes for 2012-13, providing added choice to cater for the specific requirement of each of their employees.

On offer were six-week Eating for Energy, eight-week Fit and Healthy Man / Woman, ten-week Family Healthy and 12-week Weight Gain or Weight Loss programmes.

60 SCC employees participated in the next phase of programmes, conduced remotely founder Anna Mason via telephone and supported by email and text message.

The programmes provided a full understanding around how the body deals with food, ensuring participants were able to avoid the ‘post-lunch, graveyard shift slump, and retain alertness and energy throughout the working day.

Individuals were shown how to manage their health, emotional wellbeing and weight by creating their own personal eating and exercise blueprint, and managers throughout the business reported marked improvement in the productivity of their teams.

In fact, in 2013 SCC’s UK revenues grew 3.5% over the financial year to £665.30m, accompanied by an unprecedented level of major contract wins.


The Employees

“Having been overweight for some time and fallen into bad habits, as well as being teased by my wife and kids, I wanted to do something to boost my self-esteem. The working lifestyle of meetings, driving and stress meant I wouldn’t always eat properly, and I’d driven 20,000 miles in eight months. Anna and The Healthy Employee schedule make you focus and plan ahead. In just six weeks I lost 1st 2lbs and feel so much better.” -  Martin Woodhead, Sales Executive

“Little changes make all the difference. Choosing a few new healthy options means I have lost weight. It is simple and all in the planning.” -  Dave Hutchinson, Internal Account Manager

“If you think that diets don’t work and this programme is not for you, then reconsider. You don’t follow points, or have to manage red and green days, or measure BMIs. What you do get is advice, support and guidance on what you need to reach your goals, both in the short term, over the 12-week programme and, more importantly, beyond. You can even have the odd piece of cake!” -  Rob Kershaw, Software Licensing Specialist

“Sometimes a little encouragement is all you need, but knowledge turns that encouragement into results. The SCC Healthy Employee programme has created a clear plan which helps me think about what I eat, what I do and the effect this has. I thought I knew what was good for me, but it’s no wonder my weight had increased month after month when actually recording my sugar intake. I speak with Anna weekly and we discuss the foods I have eaten and what helps me to achieve my goals. And it’s not just about losing weight, but maintaining energy levels throughout the day.” -  Phil Barnett, Public Sector Business Development Manager



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It's about knowing where you are and where you want to be. Find out your BMI  and your Hip-to-Waist Ratio  as your starting point. 

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